Why is Bamboo Bedding Better?

Why is Bamboo Bedding Better?

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but here at Sunday Sleep we’re huge fans of bamboo bedding. It’s all we use! Not only is bamboo bedding soft, luxuriously silky, durable and extremely comfortable- it’s great for our environment too. Bamboo sheets are made from the fibres of the bamboo plant, one of the most eco-friendly, fastest-growing trees. The bamboo is grown sustainably and the fibres are pesticide-free, meaning that any bamboo bedding is not only environmentally-friendly, it’s also great for your health. 

Unconvinced? Read on for our top 5 reasons for loving bamboo bedding, and what makes it so luxurious.


1.  Bamboo Sheets are Buttery Soft

One of the best things about bamboo bedding is that it is incomparably soft. This is due to the fact that the bamboo fibres are naturally a very soft material. Our bamboo bedding is sourced from the very highest quality bamboo and treated without any harsh chemicals, meaning that it is so soft it’s perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities. The best part? Bamboo bedding gets softer with use, it is absolutely the most luxuriously soft choice.


2.  Durability

Due to the fact that bamboo bedding is made with the naturally long, interwoven fibres of the bamboo plant any bedding made from this fabric is naturally highly durable. In addition, the fibres don’t absorb any moisture, ensuring that in addition to being highly durable the bedding won’t become discoloured. 


Durable, comfy bedding that gets comfier and still looks brand new after every wash- it’s a dream! Pun intended. You’ll have great dreams for many years on these sheets.


3. Hypoallergenic

Due to the fact that bamboo bedding does not absorb moisture they’re a great choice for anyone who has allergies. A fantastic choice for someone who struggles to sleep through the night without the sniffles! Many different brands of bamboo bedding are also anti-microbial meaning there is extra protection against those pesky little mites and other fungals that could disturb the quality of your sleep, and impact your overall health. This is especially important if you’re living in a humid area, as humidity creates damp sheets- which is a breeding ground for bacteria.


4.  Temperature Regulating

Bamboo bedding is an especially great choice for couples who run on different body temperatures. This is because one of the biggest benefits of bamboo bed sheets is temperature regulation. Not only are the bamboo bed sheets and pillowcases incredibly breathable, they are designed to keep you cool on sweltering summer nights and warm throughout chilly winters.


5.  Value for Money

It’s not often you get a luxurious sleeping experience at an affordable price. Bamboo bedding provides excellent value for money; better value for money overall than any other type of bedding. Bamboo bedding is not only less costly upfront to purchase, but it is also made to last. This makes it an excellent choice, not just for comfort, durability, softness and for your wallet. Still got questions? Reach out and we’d be happy to have a chat through the benefits of bamboo bedding with you.